Times When An ENT Can Help You


While many people think of their primary care doctors when they are dealing with ear infections, hearing problems, and similar challenges, the truth is that an ear, nose, and throat doctor is often a bigger help with conditions like this. Unfortunately, many people don't realize when an ENT is their best resource. Here's a look at some of the situations when you should reach out to a local ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Chronic Ear Infections

The occasional ear infection is one of those things that occurs without much cause for concern. Unfortunately, in some cases, ear infections recur frequently and with little explanation. If you, or your child, have struggled with chronic ear infections that you can't seem to eliminate, you may want to talk with a local ENT to see if the situation warrants surgical intervention to insert tubes into the ears. Tubes help facilitate drainage, which reduces the risk of ear infections.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

If you struggle with hearing the television or having routine conversations in busy environments, you may be experiencing some hearing loss. Since the causes of hearing loss can vary with each patient, it's important that you work with a specialist to figure out what's going on with your ears. That means reaching out to an ENT first. They can help with diagnostic evaluations and then can recommend an audiologist if necessary.

Vertigo Or Balance Issues

If you struggle with dizziness and vertigo symptoms, there's a good chance that it traces back to your ears. Your inner ear is a critical part of your body's vestibular system, and it controls your body's sense of its place in space as well as your balance. When there's a problem within your ears, including an ear infection, it can affect your sense of balance or leave you struggling with vertigo. An ENT can assess the condition of your inner ears to isolate the cause of the problem and then recommend the proper treatment. 


Tinnitus is the term for ringing in your ears. This sound can be obtrusive in some situations, overpowering even ambient noise. If you're struggling with tinnitus symptoms, it can even disrupt your sleep since tinnitus worsens as your environment becomes quieter. While most tinnitus cases can't be cured, there are some treatment options that your ENT can offer to help you moderate the symptoms and make them more tolerable.

These are just a few of the many instances in which an ENT can help you. Talk with a care provider near you today for more help.


5 October 2022

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