4 Allergy Treatments That ENT Specialists Can Provide


If you have a sore throat, congestion, and irritated eyes, you might initially suspect that you have a cold. If these symptoms don't resolve within a few days and cold medication doesn't help, you may have a different problem. Allergies can mimic some of the symptoms of the common cold. They frequently cause breathing problems, itchiness, and rashes.

People with allergies that bother them regularly should see an ENT specialist for treatment. Here are a few allergy treatments that ENT specialists can provide:

1. Instructions for Using Over-The-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter medication can be very useful when it comes to fighting allergies, and it's likely these medications will be used in your treatment. An ENT specialist can tell you how to use non-prescription medication to best effect. Some people can benefit from taking a daily antihistamine to control their allergy symptoms. People experiencing chronic sinus infections due to allergies may benefit from short-term use of decongestant medication. Your doctor will help you take these medications in safe and effective ways.

2. Asthma Management

Asthma is often comorbid with allergies. Some people with allergies experience shortness of breath when exposed to allergens. As part of your allergy treatment, an ENT specialist will also treat your asthma symptoms. You may be prescribed a rescue inhaler, which can be used whenever you experience difficulty breathing. Your ENT specialist may also prescribe a maintenance inhaler that can be used daily. A maintenance inhaler will keep your airways open so you'll be able to breathe, even if you encounter allergens.

3. Environmental Management Tips

It's wise to avoid substances that trigger your allergies whenever possible. Your ENT specialist can give you tips that will help you manage your environment to keep yourself symptom-free. For instance, vacuuming regularly and using an air purifier with a HEPA filter can remove many environmental allergens from your home.

4. Allergy Shots

Allergy shots can help people with persistent allergy symptoms that cannot be controlled through over-the-counter medication alone. Allergy shots desensitize your immune system to allergens over time. Allergy shots are administered by an ENT specialist in their office. Initially, you'll be given injections multiple times per week. As your body starts to acclimate, you'll be able to go longer in between shots, which should be administered every few weeks to maintain your results. Allergy shots can cause some allergy symptoms at the beginning of your treatment. However, your ENT specialist will be standing by to provide help if necessary.


23 March 2021

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